About Me

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Amie Hodges is a multidisciplinary artist who resides in Durham, North Carolina. Her work is inspired by the ideas of womanhood and her own personal experiences of trying to find balance between sensitivity and strength. She works with materials that are opposite in almost every way: metal and clay. She strikes balance between the two by using form and texture to communicate an idea about the material that may not necessarily be true. Her ceramics, often organic in form and rough in texture, resemble stone; alluding to the idea that the object is virtually indestructible in nature. Whereas her jewelry portrays fluidity and fragility. As she explores the dichotomy of the materials she also explores the dichotomy within herself.

When Amie isn’t making art, she’s most likely sitting on her back porch listening to nature sing, indulging in her favorite reality tv shows, or talking on the phone with a friend or family member.  

Tuesday Oct 5 2021