About My Work

The process for making my is often intuitive for me. The first year I seriously began making pots, just about every piece I made looked different in style and form. While they weren’t all necessarily bad, I was lacking a deeper connection to them. It almost felt as if they had come from someone else's hands. Over the course of that year I came to realize how important it was that my pots felt like an extension of myself. I’m a pretty grounded person, and I strive to feel present in my daily life. As I began to explore making pots that resonated with me, I found myself making rather simple forms that focused primarily on function. With this in mind, I pay much attention to the foot, rim, and weight of my pieces to ensure optimum usability and longevity. Once thrown on the wheel and bisque fired, I often apply an ash glaze and fire to cone 6 in an electric kiln. Even though I can be my own worst critic, each morning I’m drawn towards using my own mug. As I hold it and sip my coffee, I’m filled with gratitude that my hands were able to make it, and I achieved the deeper connection to my work that I was searching for.